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Our Services

CareGivers of America is State Licensed, Nurse Registry #30210975, #30212386, #30212385.

Our caring team of professionals is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to refer expert independent care providers. Patients in their own home environment, whether in a facility or residence, can receive care.

As a courtesy to our patients we accept assignment of benefits and provide home care assessments to families looking for assisted living facilities.

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Independent Care Providers

When looking for compassionate independent care, we refer excellent care providers, such as Home Health Aides, Certified Nurse’s Aides, and companions. Home Health Aides provide direct patient care such as bathing, dressing and bathroom assistance. They also provide domestic services such as meal preparation, grocery shopping, and light housekeeping. Some clients, such as dementia patients, require a Home Health Aide to be on duty around the clock. A Home Health Aide may spend the entire day socially isolated with a client who cannot talk. Home Health Aides also provide companionship to individuals who rarely leave the home and may have little social contact.

Certified Nursing Assistant

When looking for a compassionate person with formal training, you’ll find the Certified Nursing Assistant. Certified Nursing Assistants perform many tasks such as bathing, dressing, bathroom assistance, and exercising. Along with the domestic tasks, they also provide medical assistance with equipment and monitoring the client’s behavior and well-being. Their communications skills help provide a channel with the client, physician, and the family.

Licensed Practical Nurses

These nurses care for the injured, sick, convalescent, and disabled clients. They provide basic nursing care such as bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene. They undergo clinical instruction which allows them to provide medical care such as bedsore treatments, enemas, injections, and tube feedings. They can also perform dressing changes, ice packs, and monitor catheters and drains. They also have keen observation skills to report medication side effects and provide client progress reports.

Registered Nurses

When in need of a nurse that is benevolent, caring, detailed, and has problem solving skills, look for a Registered Nurse. These nurses care for clients, administer medications, and communicate with physician’s and other medical professionals to devise an individual care plan on the client. They will monitor and assess client’s needs to provide the best possible care. They also have teaching skills to educate the clients how to manage their illnesses.

Our Home Services Refer:

  • Companions
  • Respite Care
  • Transportation
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • The Home Health Aides

The Home Health Aide shall have training in those supportive services which are required to provide and maintain bodily and emotional comfort and to assist the patient toward independent living in a safe environment.


Responsibilities of the Home Health Aide:

  • Assist patient with bathing (bed or tub) and/or showering.
  • Assist patient with oral care (care of teeth and mouth).
  • Assist patient with grooming (nail care for non-diabetics, shaving and care of hair).
  • Assist patient with getting dressed.
  • Assist patient with ambulatory activity (wheelchair, walker, cane).
  • Assist patient with transferring (to and from bed, chair, bedpan or commode).
  • Prepare and serve meals for patient (following specific diets if so instructed).
  • Assist patient with eating.
  • Assist patient with prescribed range of motion exercises.
  • Accompany patient to and from doctors appointments.
  • Assist patient with bathroom activities.
  • Remind patient to take medication.
  • Accompany the patient for walk.
  • Observe, report and document patient status and the care or services provided.

The Home Health Aide will also:

  • Wash the patient’s personal laundry.
  • Food shop for the patient whenever needed.
  • Tidy kitchen after food preparation.
  • Make the patient’s bed and change the linens as needed.
  • Dust and vacuum the patient’s living areas (bedroom, living room or den, etc.).
  • Shop for the patient’s pharmaceutical supplies.
  • Keep the patient’s bathroom clean.
  • Please note that actual services rendered will depend upon the patient’s needs, aide’s schedule and insurance benefits where long term care insurance applies.
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