“Home care” is a term used to describe a number of different services that take place in and around the home of a person in need of help with medical, social, health, logistical, physical and other services related to everyday life.

Who needs home care? Many people needing and receiving home care have been compromised by various age-, mental-, health- and medical-related issues. Home care and various home care services are often the best option for people who prefer (or need) to receive their care at home, and for those whose family and friends seek additional caregiving help. 

What exactly can a home care service provide?

  • Personal Care: All of the daily activities of our physical life that we do at home for ourselves, such as toileting, bathing, dressing.
  • At-Home Care: These are many of the day-to-day activities we do that keep our lives going, both at home and outside of the home. These include: eating, cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, running errands (e.g., banking, post office).
  • Health/Medical Care: These are tasks and activities we do at home and out in the world related to healthcare, including organizing and managing medications, as well as making and attending physician and other needed appointments.
  • Emotional Support/Care: At our core, we are all human beings who desire and need emotional support, friendship, companionship and conversation.