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CareGivers of America | Home Healthcare Services

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Serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties – locally owned and operated.

About Us

Providing quality home care is not a simple task, but since 1992, CareGivers of America has been recognized as the premier provider of home care in the tri-county areas of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach. We’ve achieved such success because of the value we place on our relationships, whether it be a client, an outside resource, or our team members. Relationships must be cultivated to be long lasting, which is why it’s our number one objective. We build bridges and it is for this reason we have a high number of returning clients and have maintained such longevity with our staff.

We’ve always aligned ourselves with caring, compassionate and talented partners who recognize the importance of following through on the promises made to our valued clientele. Whether efforts are focused from within the office on day to day operations or those who provide the loving hands-on care we’re known for, all of us at CareGivers of America are truly caregivers at heart.

Our Mission

CareGivers of America, Inc., is commmitted to providing high quality home care services that allow our patients to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their place of residence.


Home Healthcare & You

Shorter hospitalizations, the increasing cost of nursing homes, and the need for many people to receive care at home are just some of the many factors that have prompted our society to rely more and more on home healthcare. We are Palm Beach county senior services providers and are dedicated to helping the elderly.

People We Serve Are Recovering From:

Fractured bones, hip replacement, bypass surgery or living with day to day struggles of dementia, alzheimers, cancer and stroke, as well as many other debilitating conditons.

CareGivers of America Responds to the growing need for home healthcare- by serving the elder population living in Broward County and West Palm Beach.

CareGivers of America provides a caring team dedicated to excellence in home health services. We work with families, guardians, insurance companies, case managers, social workers and with physicians and administrators in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other facilities. Our expertise and high standards compel us to provide a higher level of home healthcare and elder care. West Palm Beach based families have trusted us for years and so have the residents of Broward County.

Elderly services delivered by us are efficient, compassionate and driven by total dedication.

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Quality Assurance

Our patient is the primary reason for our existence. We strive to continually improve service to our patients above all else. Our quality assurance program aims at maintaining our uncompromising standards in every aspect of healthcare by allowing us to closely monitor the care each of our patients receives. We make no assumptions and leave nothing to chance! That is why we have gained the implicit trust of residents of Broward County. Senior services by CareGivers of America are known for being efficient and compassionate.

CareGivers of America’s Mission

  • To provide a range of healthcare services that respond to the needs of seniors and the communities we serve.
  • To meet the needs and surpass the expectations of our patients, physicians, hospitals and others.
  • To promote cost-effective home care.
  • To encourage continued independence and high quality of life at home.

One phone call to CareGivers of America makes it our responsibility to coordinate all the home care services necessary to ensure the well being of our patients. Simply stated, CareGivers of America does it all and more. It’s a fact!


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