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“I want to commend my mother’s caregiver, for the great job she does with her. My mom Barbara, was initially very reluctant to have someone with her, but now she can’t say enough good things about her. When I’ve visited, she has been pleasant, helpful, and thoughtful.

She even checks in in the evenings to make sure mom takes her evening medications. We are always pleased to see her and I would enthusiastically support her getting every advantage at Caregivers of America.”


“For the past several weeks, one of your aides has been caring for my mother, in my parents’ home.

I want you to know that she is one of the most conscientious people I have ever met. She is so wonderful in the way that she treats my mother that it eases my mind knowing she is there when I cannot be. I visit as often as possible and every time I go there, the aide is making sure that my mother is comfortable and extremely well cared for. I can tell you by the way my mother looks at her that she is grateful for the kindness and loving care that she is getting. My dad also tells me how much he appreciates the way the aide goes above and beyond what she would normally have to do just to do her job.

This is a very difficult time for our family. It is great comfort to have a caregiver like her taking care of my beloved mother.”


“My wife has a terminal Liver Cancer and found the people sent to assist me in the care of my wife to be very caring and very, very helpful. I most certainly could not have coped with all the stress and activity required for the care of my wife without the help of the very caring people you provided. Especially helpful was the most recent aide who was a godsend. She met all five of our children and all of them really liked her. She almost became part of the family.

Again, you and your staff were so very helpful, I don’t think I could have made it without your help. Please keep up the good work.

Thanks again for all your help.”


“Mrs. R. died peacefully in her sleep in January. The aides who cared for her during the last year made things possible for her and her family.

Her son paid a beautiful tribute to these five women at the funeral thanking them publicly for the richness of life that they provided his mom under the most trying of circumstances. They showed his mom such devotion, love, adoration, companionship, and dignity that we were able to rest assured even though we were so far away.”


“This message is in appreciation of an aide who served us in manners above and beyond any seen before. She not only performed her duties in a way that was superlative, but sought out ways to make our lives, even though we were sick, more enjoyable!

Her knowledge of medical conditions to help the sick was extraordinary. Her use of our vehicle for taking us to necessary places, showed us a driving experience that was at all times careful and valuable. Helping us to obtain necessary food and its preparation was excellent.

She became a member of our family.”

Mr. & Mrs. S.

“My mother passed away in July and since then we have been blessed with the most wonderful live-in caregiver for my father. She probably knows my father better than I do! She is caring, loving, attentive and a great companion for him! She attends his doctor’s office visits, takes notes, relays back to our family any concerns she might have and keeps us in the loop! She’s a great cook and makes everything from scratch! I have such peace of mind each day as I go to work, knowing my father is in the best care! The office staff are all wonderful in making sure that any additional caregivers are in place. We are truly grateful for everyone at CareGivers of America!”


“I feel I was most fortunate to have the care giver I did. I had a very serious surgery on my neck, which left me with four titanium screws. Because of my delicate condition, I had to wear a neck brace which did not permit me to have a lot of mobility. My aide showed me she has the most compassion for being a care giver. She was caring, dependable and most protective of me. She helped to get me through a very tragic period in my life. My family does not live in my area. She turned out to be a great replacement for them. They felt very confident in her caring for me. She is dependable, honest and is a wonderful cook. She blended with my friends and made the atmosphere in my home palatable. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a care giver.”


“I would like to commend you on the way your Company operates in the field of Home Care Service. I was forced to use your Company again this year for four months and your staff, again, has demonstrated skills and professionalism in managing my wife’s case.

I would like to commend your office staff for the way they respond and handled all my wife’s needs. Further, I would like to bring to your attention that the aide who took care of my wife for seventeen weeks, was competent, kind, and trustworthy. You should be very proud having such employees working for you.”

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