While we all wish that our loved ones could live independently forever, we also know that this is just not how life always works. Determining what kind of extra care is needed is often the first step toward finding the right help.

Here are some signs that someone you love may be ready for and in need of additional care and support:

At home. They may have trouble walking up and down the stairs, getting in and out of bed, maneuvering in the shower or bathtub or even putting together a simple meal in the kitchen. Daily tasks related to laundry, cleaning and shopping may also be affected.

On the body. It’s not always pleasant to think about but oftentimes, some of the first skills to fade are those related to personal hygiene. This may be related to the bathroom and bathing and/or also to eating and drinking.

In the car. Their driving is erratic and makes you nervous. They drive too fast or too slow and may get lost on even the most well-known routes.

On paper. They may have uncharacteristically missed paying a crucial bill or mailed a letter to the wrong address or without a stamp.

What to do? If you even have an inkling that things are not what they should be and that help is no longer a choice but a necessity, your first step is simple and easy. If your loved one is in South Florida, call us us for a free, no-obligation assessment. We will conduct a full review of their mental, physical, emotional, environmental and financial condition to determine the next steps that make sense for you and your loved one.