According to the U.S. Fire Administration citizens age 65 and older are twice as likely to get injured or die in fire incidents than the general population. The numbers are more alarming for adults 85 years or older, as they are four times likely to be killed in a fire as compared to other age groups. With such disturbing statistics growing every year, senior fire prevention has become more essential than ever.

Tips for the Elderly to Stay Safe from Fires

Here are a few fire safety tips you can implement in your home to help your elderly loved one stay safe:

1. Install Working Smoke Alarms

Smoke inhalation is among the most common causes of death in house fires. Installing interconnected smoke alarms in all your rooms is one of the best ways to deal with this danger. It’s advisable that you test your smoke alarms at least once a month to ensure they’re in good working condition. Special smoke alarms that flash a bright light should be installed for people with hearing problems.

2. Practice Electrical Safety

When it comes to electrical safety, it’s advisable to hire a licensed electrician to carry out all the electrical work around your home. Avoid using extension cords and always plug one electrical appliance or gadget into an outlet at a time. Replace damaged or cracked electrical cords to prevent accidental fires.

3. Do the Fire Drill

Make an escape plan and participate in regular fire drills at least twice a year. You should make sure that all exits, locks, doors and pins can open easily from both inside and outside. Also, keep hearing aids, eyeglasses and important keys within reach. This helps in assessing your preparedness in case of fire emergencies.

4. Stay in the Kitchen When Cooking

The majority of home fires begin in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s best to stay in the kitchen when frying, broiling or grilling food. Turn off the stove when leaving the kitchen or use an audible timer as a reminder. Don’t cook if you’re under the influence of sedative medication or alcohol.

5. Smoke Safely

The chances of causing a house fire are much higher if you’re a smoker. You can significantly reduce the risk of causing a fire by smoking outside or by using deep ashtrays. Never smoke in bed or where medical oxygen is in use.

6. Stay Connected

Always keep a cell phone or a regular telephone within reach or next to your bed for emergency calls. You should also save emergency numbers in your phonebook including fire department contacts. This makes it easier for you to call emergency responders.

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