At CareGivers of America, we do place caregivers in assisted living facilities to provide professional home care. Our network of experienced nurses and caregivers can take care of you or your elderly loved ones at home, in rehab centers, nursing homes, hospice care facilities, hospitals, independent and assisted living facilities.

As you age gracefully, the need to move to a retirement residence or an assisted living facility becomes more likely. This is because remaining at home for the rest of your life can turn into years of isolation and loneliness. To avoid all the health risk factors associated with loneliness — e.g. stress and depression — moving to an assisted living facility is often the most recommended course of action.

A majority of assisted living facilities provide a wide range of care services that can help you enjoy your later years with dignity. Besides providing meals and carrying out light housekeeping, these facilities offer personalized care and attention as far as handling activities such as bathing, dressing, medication and ambulation are concerned.

Why You Need to Hire Outside Home Care Services

Even though most assisted living facilities offer essential care services, you may realize that the provided assistance is not adequate. In such cases, hiring an in-home caregiver becomes the most viable option. Some of the reasons for hiring outside home care services include the following:

1. A Higher Level of Care

Assisted living facilities are often limited when it comes to providing around-the-clock care. The ratio of caregivers-to-residents isn’t always proportional, and they may not be able to offer adequate care and attention. Outside home care services will certainly bridge the gap by offering a higher level of personal care for longer hours than what the facility is able to offer.

2. More Flexibility

Most assisted living facilities tend to be less flexible due to the high number of residents. Therefore, they work on a strict schedule to meet the set demands. On the other hand, home care services are able to change their care approach, schedule or caregivers until they find a perfect plan.

3. Link Between Family and Facility

An independent caregiver is a perfect link between family members and the facility staff. The caregiver is able to advocate for your loved one and coordinate all aspects of their stay in the facility.

4. Helps Deal With the Stigma

Moving to an assisted living facility can be traumatizing, especially for a senior couple who have to separate. Caregivers from a nurse registry have experience when it comes to helping seniors cope with their new environment.

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