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Happy Thanksgiving 2021 – An Open Letter From CGA To You

An old, beloved Thanksgiving family tradition in many families is one in which family members around the dinner table take turns saying what it is that they are thankful for. Of course, we’re often thankful for the good health (in whatever form) that we have, for our loved ones and for good friends.

This year, we here at CareGivers of America want to “sit together at the table” and tell you what we’re thankful for…YOU!

Thanksgiving Gratitude From Us to You

Our heartfelt gratitude falls into four different categories and each of them are equally valuable:

Our Patients

Our patients are the heart and soul of why we do what we do. We firmly believe that every aging adult deserves care like we would want our own parents and grandparents to have. Our mission statement reads, “CareGivers of America, Inc., is committed to providing high quality home care services that allow our patients to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their place of residence.”

We truly believe this. We believe that any person who wishes to age-in-place, should have access to really good quality home care to assist them in achieving this goal. We’re thankful for each individual patient we work with, including the following patients who had this to say:

“This message is in appreciation of an aide who served us in manners above and beyond any seen before. She not only performed her duties in a way that was superlative, but sought out ways to make our lives, even though we were sick, more enjoyable! Her knowledge of medical conditions to help the sick was extraordinary. Her use of our vehicle for taking us to necessary places, showed us a driving experience that was at all times careful and valuable. Helping us to obtain necessary food and its preparation was excellent. She became a member of our family.” ~Mr. & Mrs. S.

“I feel I was most fortunate to have the care giver I did. I had a very serious surgery on my neck, which left me with four titanium screws. Because of my delicate condition, I had to wear a neck brace which did not permit me to have a lot of mobility. My aide showed me she has the most compassion for being a care giver. She was caring, dependable and most protective of me. She helped to get me through a very tragic period in my life. My family does not live in my area. She turned out to be a great replacement for them. They felt very confident in her caring for me. She is dependable, honest and is a wonderful cook. She blended with my friends and made the atmosphere in my home palatable. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a care giver.” ~A.

“I would like to commend you on the way your Company operates in the field of Home Care Service. I was forced to use your Company again this year for four months and your staff, again, has demonstrated skills and professionalism in managing my wife’s case. I would like to commend your office staff for the way they respond and handled all my wife’s needs. Further, I would like to bring to your attention that the aide who took care of my wife for seventeen weeks, was competent, kind, and trustworthy. You should be very proud having such employees working for you.” ~E. & E.

If you are, or ever have been…or might even be in the future, a patient of ours, please know that we are thankful for you.

close up senior couple holding hands

Our Patients’ Families

Our patients’ family members are often the ones with whom we speak the most. We’re so thankful for their communication, their patience of the process to get the right care started for their loved one and their love for the family member who is becoming the patient.

Family members are critical to the elderly, not only in assisting when it comes to having care provided, but for the love and emotional support they provide. We’ve spoken to family members who live around the corner or across the country and one thing always shines through…the love they have for their family. We applaud you in your efforts to support your loved one.

And we are grateful for you.

Our CareGivers

If our patients are the why of doing what we do, our caregivers are the how we do what we do. We could never offer the outstanding service that we provide without our amazing caregivers.

Here are some specific words of thanks for some of our wonderful caregivers:

“Debra cares for Patricia daily for 4 hours. She assists her with personal care, food shopping, and homemaker services. She cooks all the meals for the day during her 4 hour shift. She supports Patricia emotionally by giving her daily words of encouragement and encourages her to walk outside to enjoy the FL sunshine. Debra calls and checks on Patricia on her days off and weekends to make sure she is eating and in good spirits. Thank you Patricia!”

“Maggie has worked for CareGivers of America for over 29 years. She exudes joy and is full of compassion. We receive the highest compliments from our clients regarding her work performance. Maggie provides extra TLC to her clients by cooking special requested meals, cleaning their home, and having a warm towel (out of the dryer) ready after their shower. Maggie has lost 2 of her own children during the last 10 years. Her clients never know about her personal trials because she is a true professional and is focused on their needs during her shifts. She is an asset to our team and we are grateful for her devotion to our clients and team. We appreciate you more than we can say Maggie!”

“Clenide cares for a frail 85 year old woman who lives alone and does not have family living in the area. She has been working for her since 2016 and takes care of her as she would her own mother. She assists her client with personal care, homemaker services and thoroughly cleans her home weekly. She doesn’t always receive praise or words of kindness, but this does not prevent her from doing her job with a positive attitude and a smile. Clenide feels that her life calling is caring for the sick, frail and loves helping those less fortunate. Clenide, thank you for everything you do!”

“Silvie is a sweet and understanding caregiver who takes care of a 92 year old male Alzheimer’s patient for 10 hours a day. He has moments of agitation and confusion and does not remember her name. Silvie gracefully redirects him, smiles, and quickly turns his agitation into peace and happiness. She never complains and shows compassion during her long shift. When he is lucid, he always thanks her and tells her she is a nice lady. While he may not remember her name, or understand who she is, he responds to her sweet voice and demeanor. You are a gift to us and your patients Silvie!”

“Yvonne is a live-in aide who has cared for many clients during the end stages of life. She is empathetic and devoted, even during the toughest circumstances. She has worked with clients for years at a time, and cares for them and their home as if it is her own. She has profound knowledge with disease processes, allowing her to adapt to their care needs. She is irreplaceable as a caregiver and a member of our team!”

Special mention: All CareGivers across the U.S.

Regardless of where you live and work, if you are a caregiver, we’re profoundly thankful that you are out in the world, making a daily difference for the elderly with whom you support. It’s not an easy job and can have long hours, with challenging clientele and often be full of thankless tasks.

If you don’t remember the last time someone thanked you for doing the job you do, please read this:

We are thankful for you. And we’re not alone. We stand side-by-side in gratitude along with husbands, wives, grown children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews and countless others. We may not say it enough, but we appreciate you.

Our Staff and Professional Partners

Our staff here at CareGivers and the wonderful partners we connect with are the mechanics of how it all happens. We treasure each and every one of our relationships with the people with whom we work, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Here are a few personal words from staff members:

“The past two years have been – to keep it in a positive light – ‘beyond tough’ for everyone. With this in mind, I continue to feel truly thankful for my experience at CareGivers of America.

I have so many warm connections with our patients and their families.  We are all facing challenging times, and I speak with folks that truly understand, who are walking through their own battles, while continuing to express their compassion for others, and it helps me to keep going, to connect and empathize with the challenges others are facing. I am thankful to my employer for entrusting me with the gratifying position of helping our clients and their families solve the dilemma of understanding how their insurance coverage works, which frees up just a small portion on their full plate.

None of it would be possible without our home health aides, our front-liners, along with those across America, who use their talent, skill and compassion in the home. It takes time to learn our customers’ routines, each home differently,  and to be able to accommodate them. They provide personal care, learn routines – what our clients like to eat, sometimes adjusting to Kosher or Halal lifestyles, fit in light housekeeping, and so much more.

I am happy to have this opportunity to express a big Thank You to our clients, their families and caregivers this holiday season!” ~ Lisa


“I’m amazed and impressed with the team that we have here at CareGivers of America. From the home healthcare professionals who work with us, to our vendors, those within our referral system, our partners in the medical care industry…right down to our staff inside of the office.

While everyone has up days and down days, I’m touched by the actions I see that always say the same thing…the patient’s care is the most important thing we do. I’ve worked with other organizations and this isn’t always the case. I’m incredibly thankful to be part of a team who is all moving in the same direction!” ~ Luna

Wrap Up

Thanksgiving is a time for us all to be a little introspective and truly recognize the wonderful people and things we have in our lives. Thank you for being a part of it and involving us in the lives of your most precious family members.

~ ~ ~

Do you have questions about how you can better support your loved one while they age in place in South Florida or regarding homecare in general? Please contact CareGivers of America here: Contact or call us toll free: 800-342-4197

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