Senior Home Care Services

As our parents get older, the level of care they require increases. While we want to do everything we can for them, there may come a time when it becomes impossible to manage our household, their household and their health needs.

Did you know 18 million adults in America need assistance with daily activities? Of them, about 11 million receive help from loved ones like you, but the burden doesn’t have to be only yours. CareGivers of America can help by providing a variety of home care services for the elderly.

Just because our loved ones’ level of need has increased, it doesn’t mean we want to move them out of their homes and into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Personal care for the elderly in their own homes gives them the opportunity for comfort and familiarity while giving you the peace of mind that they’re being cared for, even when you’re unable to be the caregiver.

There are a variety of home care services for the elderly, including live-in elderly caregiver services, 24-hour in-home care, companion care services, homemaker services, personal care services, respite care services and accessible home health care.

How do you know which will benefit you and your loved ones the most? We’ve included information on some of the family situations we’ve catered with our services.

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Live-In Elderly Caregiver Services

If an elderly couple or individual lives anywhere further than down the street, it can be especially hard to provide proper care for them, especially when they begin to need help with everyday tasks like going to the bathroom.

When a loved one needs help navigating in the middle of the night, preparing meals and other household responsibilities during the day, live-in elderly caregiver services are often the answer. This type of care provides the in-home support your aging parents need with the added comfort of one consistent caregiver around the clock.

Live-in elderly caregiver services may focus on assisting with daily living tasks, like going to the bathroom, bathing and cooking. In addition to those who need mobility assistance, seniors with persistent medical conditions are also candidates for live-in services.

Determining whether live-in services are right for you and your family depends on a few key variables — it’s a balance of the necessary level of care, your loved one’s desired privacy level and the space available in his/her home. While 24/7 care may be needed, you might not have room in your home or be comfortable with hiring a live-in caregiver. At CareGivers of America, we have helped many families decide if live-in services are a good fit, and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.

24-Hour In-Home Care

While live-in elderly care services involve the same individual providing care around the clock, 24-hour home care provides assistance from different caregivers who visit the home on a rotating schedule rather than residing there.

While it’s tough to think about, unfortunately, seniors may experience an accident or diagnosis that changes their care needs overnight. Suddenly the tasks they used to perform independently, like navigating through their home, become challenging. Maybe you have a parent who is living alone with a medical condition and could benefit from overnight care services that ensure his/her needs are met.

With or without medical concerns, 24-hour caretakers provide a safer environment for your loved ones and let you worry less. While the care may be permanent, it doesn’t have to be. Our respite care can provide a temporary break for you or aid in medical recovery. Regardless of the duration of your needs, CareGivers of America’s 24-hour in-home care is here to help you and your family.

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Homemaker Services

Home care services for the elderly aren’t all or nothing. Even if seniors don’t require constant care, it doesn’t mean they don’t need support in some of their daily tasks. As we get older, we get less active, making some of the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining a home a little more challenging. Homemaker services can help provide support hourly, as needed, to ensure these tasks don’t become overwhelming or neglected.

Caregivers can be available to:

• Run errands, like going to the grocery store
• Prepare healthy meals to make sure nutrition remains a priority
• Assist with housekeeping and yard work

The caregiver may take on these homemaker tasks entirely or may just be available to help your loved one as he/she maintains the home.

Homemaker services often pair with companion care services. For example, you might have loved ones who are independent and live alone but don’t drive. In this case, a combination of homemaker services and companion care services could provide a solution.

Companion Care Services

Companion care services provide support with daily tasks, but their goal is to ensure your loved one has companionship on a regular basis — living independently as a senior is lovely, but it can also be lonely. It can be beneficial for your loved one to have a companion to keep him/her company, ensure he/she can continue with enjoyable activities and provide additional help with household tasks and errands.

At CareGivers of America, the families we help with companion care and homemaker services often ask for help with doctor’s appointments and transportation to family or friend visits, community events and activities.

Companion care services ensure loved ones don’t miss out on social interactions when they can’t drive or have increased needs. The best part is this service isn’t restricted to seniors who live independently at home. If your loved ones are in independent living or an assisted living facility and don’t get to venture out too often, they could benefit from companion care services, as well.

Personal Care Services

Personal care services also provide support to seniors in daily tasks, but they focus on tasks related to personal hygiene, mobility, and health and wellness. Seniors who need assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming can unintentionally become burdensome on their spouses or other family members.

Caregivers can provide personal care services as needed on an hourly basis to ensure your loved one maintains optimum health and hygiene. Perhaps your family member only requires personal maintenance support for a few hours during the day — or maybe, if your loved one has a living spouse, you just need care a few times per week to provide a mental health break.

Much like companion care services, personal care services can provide an extra level of support to seniors whose homes are an independent living or assisted living facility.

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Respite Care Services

Sometimes we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to provide the care our loved ones need, but at some point, you’ll need temporary help due to a conflicting commitment, work trip or vacation — or, you might just need a little break. Caring for loved ones is time-consuming and can be stressful and emotionally draining. Sometimes a break is good not only for you but also for your loved one. If your loved one has a living spouse caring for them, it’s important to remember this caregiver burnout can happen to them, too.

In any of these situations, CareGivers of America offers respite care services to ensure your loved ones get the compassionate, consistent care they need — and to ensure you the time you need for work or rest. Through respite care, we can take over all the care for your loved one and provide support for a few hours or a few days — there’s no minimum time required. Don’t beat yourself up about needing or wanting a break from being your loved one’s primary caregiver.

Affordable Home Health Care

These home care services can be confusing — and so can the costs that come with them. Make sure you take the time to review the costs, understand your options and ask questions. At CareGivers of America, we offer the most competitive rates on the market — and we accept health insurance and all long-term care insurances.

What is long-term care insurance? As you get older, chances are you’ll eventually need help with everyday activities, like we’ve mentioned in personal care, companion care and homemaker services. Those services aren’t medical, and therefore usually aren’t covered by health insurance.

If you want to provide for this type of care for a loved one in the home, long-term care insurance can help. Just like health insurance, there may be some things that are not covered, so it’s important to understand your policy, in addition to the home care agency’s rates. At CareGivers of America, we have experts on staff to help you navigate the process of activating and understanding your long-term care insurance policy.

If you don’t have a long-term care insurance policy, it’s something you may want to consider as you prepare for home care for you or your loved one. This type of insurance is usually best to purchase when you’re in your 40s, as the older you get, and/or the more health conditions you have, the harder it is to find an affordable long-term care insurance policy — or to get one at all. Not everyone needs this type of insurance, but it’s something to consider as you and your loved ones get older.

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Selecting Home Care Services for the Elderly

Every individual’s situation is different. Your need for in-home care may be as simple as finding a caregiver who can help with cleaning the home, preparing meals and doing laundry — or it could involve a fairly extensive, diverse list of tasks, including medical care. Regardless of specific needs, caring for our loved ones can be challenging, stressful and exhausting.

An in-home caregiver can take over the attention of your loved one or become a part of your family’s team with live-in elderly caregiver services, 24-hour in-home care, companion care services, homemaker services, personal care services and respite care services.

CareGivers of America

If you need a care solution for an elderly parent, loved one or aging spouse, CareGivers of America has a team of insured caregivers who provide compassionate home care and home health services. We serve the elderly in Aventura, Bal Harbor, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Greater Miami Area and North Miami, Florida.

We know finding the right person to provide your loved one’s care is essential. That’s why our team is dedicated to matching you with caregivers with the experience and personality to meet your needs. You’ll even have the chance to interview prospective caregivers.

Our home care services are available to help all families, whether they need one hour or 24 hours of care. We also accept all long-term care insurance policies. If you live in South Florida and need help caring for your elderly loved one, contact us today. We’ll help you develop a plan that benefits your entire family.