In-home care services are a blessing for many families. However, some individuals hesitate to hire help for a loved one. In this article, we discuss some common misconceptions of home care so that you can make an informed, confident decision about bringing help into your loved one’s home.

1. Caregivers Don’t Care About Their Clients

Many people believe caregivers don’t care about their clients. However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Like other health care professionals, caregivers often enter the profession because they enjoy caring for people. 

Most caregivers go above and beyond to ensure their clients feel respected, valued and accommodated.

2. In-Home Care Is Only for the Sick

Many in-home health care professionals — like skilled nurses — serve the chronically ill or those recovering from an illness. However, in-home caregivers can assist your loved ones with non-medical tasks, as well. These tasks might include any number of activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, toileting or transferring.

3. In-Home Care Is Not Affordable

Many families believe they cannot afford in-home care or that these services are more expensive than others. However, aging in place is usually more affordable than the costs associated with an assisted living facility. Plus, most in-home caregivers offer their services by the hour.

4. Home Care Services Leave Your Loved One Vulnerable

It is an unfortunate misconception that in-home caregivers neglect or abuse their clients. However, a professional caregiver must undergo rigorous training and background tests. Overall, in-home caregivers are excellent at what they do and are trustworthy.

You can protect your loved one by finding a qualified caregiver through a licensed nurse registry.

5. In-Home Caregivers Are Not Trustworthy

Some family members are hesitant to hire an in-home caregiver because they may have heard stories about caregivers stealing from their clients or treating them poorly. In most of these cases, the caregiver was unqualified or not hired through a reputable company. 

Again, hiring a caregiver through a licensed nurse registry is essential. Choose an agency that thoroughly vets the caregivers they refer and proactively investigates client complaints.

Contact CareGivers of America for In-Home Care Services

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