Proper posture not only has great impact on your comfort and physical health, but also on how well you feel as you go through each day.

When we stand straight and tall, our mood changes accordingly. Here are some tips for good posture from The American Physical Therapy Association:

  • Stand with a straight spine, and make sure your body is vertically aligned from ankles to knees to hips to shoulders to ears.
  • Your shoulders and hips should be level, and your knees should face straight ahead.
  • Keep your abdomen flat. Your lower back should only have a slight inward curve.
  • If you’re sitting, sit with your back against the chair for support and keep both feet flat on the floor.
  • Sit or stand straight, with your head up. Don’t lower your chin or lean forward.

At first, practicing good posture takes some work, so remind yourself to stand or sit straight often. You can also exercise to strengthen muscles across your upper back and shoulders, which will help maintain proper posture.