Yes, it’s still hurricane season!

Here’s our six-tip checklist for hurricane preparation – be sure to keep it handy while you and your loved ones stay prepared this season:

  • Pack the basics. Gather first aid supplies and basic stock items like toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, plastic bags, diapers, soap, plastic utensils… Pretend you’re preparing for a camping trip: What would you bring as essentials for comfort and survival?
  • Check your meds. Refill prescriptions so that you have a full supply on hand. Write down a list of which medications you and your family takes, and indicate the dosages as well as any allergies. You never know who might need this information quickly.
  • Write down contacts. In an emergency situation, you need contact information like names and telephone numbers of doctors, family, friends and more. Have a list of vital contact information in case you can’t get to your computer or cell phone.
  • Pay attention to extras. Extra batteries, extra eyeglasses, extra oxygen… If you need glasses to read, batteries for hearing aids or oxygen tanks for safe breathing, make sure you have these extras packed in your supplies.
  • Think comfort. This doesn’t mean packing luxury items or fancy clothing, but it does mean making sure you have extra bedding and warm clothing for each member of the family. You’ll need to stay warm and comfortable should you have to leave your home.
  •  Relax. Storms can be stressful, and we tend to worry a great deal before hurricanes hit. Try to keep a positive mind, prepare well and stay informed on weather forecasts and predictions. Have an action plan ready and stay positive.