Making A Bathroom Safe for Seniors

As a senior’s care needs change, so do their daily routines. Changes in mobility and cognitive function can make navigating the bathroom more difficult. By modifying your bathroom to become more accessible, you can increase you or your loved one’s autonomy and safety. Try these four strategies and modifications to make bathroom care for the elderly safer.

1. Install Grab Bars

Adding grab bars to your bathroom helps a senior keep their balance as they complete everyday care activities. These mobility aids also help them get from place to place. They can go near essential areas such as the bath, the sink and the toilet. We recommend bars that you set up using bolts instead of ones with suction cups. You can install them on your own or hire someone else to put them in place.

2. Make Bathing Safer

You can reduce the risk of slips and falls with bathtub safety aids. A non-slip bath mat in the bottom of your shower or bathtub adds traction for seniors trying to move in and out. To reduce the risk of slipping further, you can add more mats to the area outside the bath. Seniors with reduced mobility can use a bath bench to stay steady. If you have the budget to make a significant change, you can add a bath lift or switch to a walk-in tub.

3. Increase Autonomy for a Senior With Mobility Needs

In many cases, you can make a senior-friendly bathroom more accessible while allowing the user to keep their independence. For example, you can store personal care items in an easy-to-reach place. This adjustment improves safety while allowing someone with mobility needs to handle their own care. Installing a lever faucet simplifies turning the sink on for a senior who has difficulty with twisting motions. Consider the user’s mobility needs and think of ways that allow them to maintain their autonomy.

4. Improve Maneuverability

If the bathroom user has a mobility aid, you need to think of ways to ensure it has smooth movement. Thresholds and bath mats can get caught in a device’s wheels. Try getting rid of unnecessary rugs and opt for an entrance without a threshold. You can lower a sink’s position and add leg clearance to make it wheelchair-accessible. Raising the height of your toilet seat helps the senior stay comfortable as they get on and off.

Ask for Help If You Need It

Did you know that professional caregivers can assist seniors with a range of needs? You can hire a professional for just bathing help or supervision. If you feel that you need someone to support you during your bath, you can specify it in your care plan. Caregivers like the ones we refer at CareGivers of America can give you as many or as few services as needed.

We can connect you with someone who will provide the help you need. Our network of caregivers has the experience, training and insurance to provide quality services. To learn more about the services available for referral, call us at (954) 206-1178 or contact us online today.