Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing our sense of fashion. Stylish senior fashion exists! It’s very easy to continue to dress the way that we dressed in midlife, or even early adulthood. While being comfortable may be more important than always looking ready for the catwalk, nothing ages an older adult more than dressing in a dated way.

For those who spent their early lives with a clear expression of who they are in the clothes they wore daily, senior fashion expression may not be much of a challenge. But for many of us, we may be trapped in functional and outdated pieces that don’t really reflect who we currently are.

3 Fabulous Senior Fashion Tips:

Redefine Your Personal Style

In the past, how did you dress that made you feel alive and attractive? Were you a business professional with a sleek style or perhaps a full time mother who looked casual but trendy? Perhaps you loved fitted clothing and no longer feel like it’s appropriate. Or comfy flowy clothing was your thing, but now it’s all shapeless caftans and muumuus.

In Tan France’s Personal Style Masterclass, he outlines some strategies for finding or redefining your fashion sense.

Think about the clothing that makes you happy

Looking in your closet or back through photographs to observe what clothing made you feel attractive and what you may want to incorporate again in an updated way.

Look for inspiration

Go online or look through some fashion magazines for articles on what fashionable seniors are wearing these days. For some really stylish senior fashion inspiration, check out this photo gallery 69 Stylish Seniors That Prove Age Is Just A Number.

Create a fashion board

While dream boards, vision boards and fashion boards are all fancy titles, they really aren’t complicated. Creating a “board” is a scrapbooking activity in which you take photos out of magazines or books and place them in a collage of sorts. For a fashion board, this mean gathering photos of fashion items and looks you like and making a collage of what you’d like your style to reflect.

Start with a core wardrobe

Starting with good, solid basics is a must. Simple tops, a great pair of jeans or trousers, the right black dress and even a terrific leather bag are all foundational pieces that will get you started in the right direction.

Curation is Key

Curating the right pieces takes a little bit of time, but it begins with smart shopping. At this age, we should have an understanding of our body type and what works well with it. Are you petite and shapely or tall with long legs? By starting to add in key pieces, like those listed above, you can build your wardrobe into something that truly represents you.

Must have pieces
  • A comfortable, stylish pair of mid-tone to dark wash jeans.
  • Non-denim trousers, think cotton or blend. Stretch is good, but no polyester (and no elastic waists).
  • Height appropriate length dresses. Not the same length if you’re tall as opposed to petite.
  • A cozy, stylish, but not over stylized cardigan.

Time to Play

While starting with a good basic wardrobe, the fun is truly in the accessories. Utilize color, style and trendiness all to your advantage. Senior fashion should not be boring! Here are some tips to bring out your personality in your accessories:


Having at least one classic tote or handbag for daily use is a must. Often times these can be leather and neutral. If your daily wardrobe contains a lot of neutrals, you may want to add a pop of color to your daily-use bag by having one in an unusual color, such as red or peacock blue.


While you may want to keep a lower heel height, there are numerous stylish flats, espadrilles, low platforms, Mary Janes, Doc Martens, riding boots out there to be found. Whatever you feel reflects your personality, lifestyle and health is best, but sneakers and track pants it isn’t.


Think dainty and sparkly or bright and chunky. This is the perfect age to wear the items you may have wanted to when you were younger and dared not. Now is the time! Statement pieces are great conversation starters and easily reflect that you’re a person of style.

Conclusion and Bonus

Whether your style is chic and classic or modern hippie or something in between, make sure that it’s true to who you are and expresses your essence clearly. And most of all, be sure that whatever you wear, that it brings you joy!

Bonus: For fans of the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, you’re already aware of how stylish and yet differently the characters dress and that senior fashion is no joke. Have a peek at this fun article for ideas on how to get the looks. How to Get Grace and Frankie’s Season 5 Style


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