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3 Great Dating Websites If You’re Over 60

Dating can feel strange and have obstacles at any age. But if you’re over 60, you may feel as though it’s even more challenging to meet people, much less a love interest. Yet, we know that everyone deserves romantic love, at least once in their lives.

More and more people are using technology to help them find a partner, romantic interest and make friends. Today, we’ll talk about the some terrific dating websites that cater to the over 60 crowd.

Why dating websites?

For many of us, the days of using the tried and true method of meeting someone in school, at the grocery store or just by happenstance are gone. We ask ourselves, “Where do I even start?”. The great news is that where we may feel our in-person resources are less, technology has greatly improved.

There are so many ways to meet people online these days and it’s only gotten easier and more user-friendly as time has passed. And although many websites are billed as “dating” websites, there is a large population who utilizes these websites to meet people not only for romance, but for friendship, companionship and social interaction.

Advantages of using online sites to meet people might include:

  • Meeting new people according to their interests
  • Fear of rejection may be lower, since much of the screening is done for you
  • Many sites have good “match” capabilities
  • It can be easier if you’re shy in person
  • It might save you time, as you get to know someone; not physically going out on ‘dates’ until you want to
  • Many people feel as though they have more control over who they meet

Potential disadvantages of dating/meeting people online:

  • Fake profiles or “catfishing” (not being who they say they are)
  • Internet anonymity might allow people to be rude or to say things they wouldn’t in person
  • People may use an old or inaccurate photo
  • You do not truly know the person’s intent in the beginning

How do dating websites work?


Some websites are free, while others do have a cost assigned to the services. There are also websites which may offer “free services” such as viewing profiles, but may charge to set up a personal profile and response to messages.

Websites that charge for their services will often have a monthly subscription rate that can range from $20.00 monthly and up.


Once you’ve decided which site(s) may be best for you to try your hand with, you’ll need to create a profile. The better sites will then match you according to the subjects and information in your profile. The trick here is to be detailed without being too personal.

You want to list your interests (so as to meet people with similar interests) and relationship topics that are important to you, such as meeting/making friends with non-smokers or retirees or vegans or people in your town…whatever is most important to you.

senior couple park

But what about safety?

Safety is critical, especially in this day-and-age of internet scammers. Seniors fall into the top category of vulnerable audiences for internet fraudsters. Click here to read more about elder exploitation. While this may seem frightening, it doesn’t have to be.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the best ways to stay safe online are to look out for these suspicious behaviors:

  • Asks for financial assistance in any way, often because of a sudden personal crisis
  • Claims to be from the United States but is currently living, working, or traveling abroad
  • Claims to be recently widowed with children
  • Disappears suddenly from the site then reappears under a different name
  • Gives vague answers to specific questions
  • Overly complimentary and romantic too early in your communication
  • Pressures you to provide your phone number or talk outside the dating app or site
  • Requests your home or work address under the guise of sending flowers or gifts
  • Tells inconsistent or grandiose stories
  • Uses disjointed language and grammar, but has a high level of education

If you see more than one of these behaviors, it’s better to cut contact as soon as possible.

The BEST Dating Sites for Over 60

According to matchability and overall user-experience:

SilverSingles – Cost-based – Click here for more information

OurTime – Base account is free, cost to upgrade – Click here for more information

ChristianMingle – Base account is free, cost to upgrade – Click here for more information

Wrap Up

Online dating can be very effective way of meeting people for some folks. Remember, it’s a bit like interviewing for a job. At times, you may be the interviewer and other times, the interviewee. What’s important to remember is, as in real life, when online dating, everyone is putting their best (and on rare occasion a dishonest) foot forward.

Always proceed with caution, move at your own pace and verify as early as possible that the person is indeed who they say they are. Once you do that, enjoy!

~ ~ ~

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