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5 Reasons You Want a Tricycle

Autumn is soon coming and the days of thinking of tricycles as children’s toys have long since left us. These days, we see racer on the side of the road in their reclining bicycles, riding in tandem or even in packs. There are a large variety of adult tricycles and Harley Davidson even makes a “Trike” motorcycle:

harley trike

We all know that bicycle riding is good for us. It’s low impact and yet we gain the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. One of the benefits of bicycle riding is improved balance, but this can also be a fall-risk if one’s balance isn’t already good to begin with. A tricycle eliminates most of the fall risk and allows the rider to enjoy safely being outside and mobile.

Benefits of Tricycle Riding


We all know the phrase, “It’s like learning to ride a bike”. We never seem to un-learn the skill. But for those of us who have never ridden or who have balance issues, riding a tricycle can provide us with peace of mind due to greater stability. The 3-wheeled design of a tricycle ensures that the rider won’t topple over.


Bike riding is proven to assist in cardiovascular health, not to mention the benefits to joint health. Weight gain and joint stiffness are an ongoing issue with seniors in the United States. Mobility and exercise are needed to help get or stay healthy.

When cycling, the oxygenation that happens throughout your body is not only good for your body and heart, but for you brain. A very recent trial study from Arizona State University Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, shows that cycling (as well as other aerobic exercise) has promising benefits for those suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.


Due to the style of the frame, most trikes have a storage basket between the two back tires. This makes is convenient for carrying shopping bags, picnic baskets or anything else that might need transport in your day-to-day.


Although bike riding of any kind is good exercise, riding a tricycle is physically less demanding than riding a traditional 2-wheel bicycle. One can ride more slowly and build up stamina and exercise level at one’s own pace. Riding through the park on a 3-wheeler is a more relaxing and safe approach to bike riding.

Bike riding can also be a social activity, often enjoyed when there is someone to ride with. Imagine having the freedom of riding with your children, grandchildren or friends. *Remember, regardless of bike style, it’s always advised to wear a helmet when out on the roads.


Three wheeled bikes can be found not only in numerous frame styles from basic to trendy, but can also be found in manual, speeded, and electric models. Click below for a peek at some of the more popular styles:

Single Speed 3-Wheeler Bikes

Recumbent 3-Wheelers

Electric 3-Wheelers

Wrap Up

In the cooler fall temperatures, don’t you feel the urge to be outside, enjoying all that nature has to offer with your children or grandchildren? A 3-wheeled bike might be just the ticket to mobility and freedom you’ve been looking for.

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