We all hope to get old and enjoy our senior years.

Getting older can be daunting in many ways. As we age, we notice changes in how we used to function, including a reduction in our ability to maintain attention, slowing of our motor skills and lack of memory.

Regular forms of mental activity can help to reduce these changes and promote lifelong well-being. From crosswords to playing certain forms of video game, elderly people looking to improve brain function may be able to incorporate certain activities into their day to help them in this pursuit. It can also increase their ability to recollect information, increase their reaction time, focus their mind and reduce the development of conditions such as Alzheimer‘s disease.

Here are some ways to step up your brain-training regimen that can easily be incorporated into every-day life and activities:

  • Looking at old photographs can help the elderly recall activities and people from their past and help their brain, especially if this involves discussing these photos with younger family members. Here, seniors can compare and contrast their youth with their grandchildren and answer questions posed to them.
  • Completing puzzles, such as crosswords, can be helpful in motivating the brain into recalling words and concepts. Even Sudoku puzzles help to maintain memory function. Puzzle books can be full of games that can keep a senior’s mind occupied.
  • Research supports the use of online games. They can be more interactive for seniors and challenge their interests and abilities, as well as improve brain function. From brain exercises to video games, there is a vast selection available. Seniors can learn about new things and expand their intellectual capacity.

Completing brain games every day can be effective at maintaining mental health. They can be combined with healthy eating and physical activity for all-round lifestyle improvement. Seniors should aim to spend up to 30 minutes per day carrying out some form of brain game activity. Some people report results soon after starting.