What is Home Care?

Home care typically refers to any type of care provided in the patient’s home, but can also refer to assistance provided at an assisted living facility, rehab setting or even bedside at a hospital. CareGivers [...]

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Why Use CareGivers of America?

The caregivers we refer to our clients’ homes provide essential care to the most valued members of our community with compassion and dignity. Trusted by physicians and geriatric care professionals, we treat every client and [...]

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How Much Does Home Care Cost?

The cost of care is determined by the hours and specific skills required to meet your loved one’s needs. Home care can be covered by long term care insurance policies or other third-party payor sources [...]

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How Are Caregivers Screened?

Every home aide or nursing assistant we work with is fully licensed, professionally insured and undergoes a complete federal background check. We also keep close track of which caregivers have experience with dementia or Alzheimer’s [...]

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What is an In-Home Assessment?

In order to help you assess the needs and best care arrangement for yourself or a loved one, one of our staff Geriatric Care Managers can visit the prospective client’s home. We’ll inquire about your [...]

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