Tech. The short form for “technology”. Every era has its slang, abbreviations and jargon, but ‘tech’ is the word that is used for any personal technological devices. For lay-people, it refers to a PC, tablet or smart phone (or a combination of them all). For example, “I video-called with my grandchildren last night on my tech. It was so great to see them!”

There are those of us who have gotten older along with technology and tried to keep up. Then, there are those of us who just never really got the hang of it and by the time we realized that it’s here to stay, we were so far behind, it seemed hopeless to learn. Regardless of where we fall on that spectrum, we could all use a little more knowledge on current computer technology.

So what is out there? And what are the advantages of being (even just a little) tech savvy?

Different Kinds of Tech

Personal technology falls into 3 main categories:

Computers and Laptops

These are the largest of the devices and many people use them for things like paying bills, writing emails and even for watching television shows. The large screen size and the use of a regular keyboard make this one of the easier options for those of us who are used to typewriter style keyboards. The larger screens also make them easier to see and navigate the internet.

Keep in mind that a ‘desktop’ PC (personal computer) is not a mobile option, while if you invest in a laptop, you will be able to move it around the house. Most laptop screen sizes range from 13″ – 15″ and can do almost all of the same things as a desktop PC.


Many people like tablets or “pads” because they tend to be the middle-sized option and they are more mobile than a desktop computer.  They do everything a computer can do, but do not generally have a keyboard. There will be a “touch” keyboard on the screen and the entire screen of the tablet will be ‘touch’ activated.

Many seniors like the versatility of using a tablet because they are easier to see than smartphones and the touch activation is better suited to larger or less nimble fingers. Tablet screen sizes range from 5″ – 13″, but keep in mind that the larger a tablet is, the heavier it will be. Because it is mobile tech (unlike a computer), you’ll want something fairly lightweight if you plan to take it places.


Almost everyone these days has a smartphone, even as a matter of safety. Previously known as cellphones, these newfangled phones do so much more than just make telephone calls.

They have capability to do almost everything a personal computer can, but keep in mind they are very small. The range of screen size runs from 4″ – 6″ and while a larger screen size is nice, keep in mind you’ll be taking this most places with you. The larger phones, of course are heavier. There is no keyboard and the entire screen will be “touch” activated.

For understanding the basics of how computer technology works, have a look at this informative article.

Ways Technology Can Improve Your Life

Grocery and Food Delivery Services

You can order your groceries or meal kits and have them delivered to your home! It’s user friendly and very convenient.

Wellness and Health Services

Many doctors now provide telehealth appointments (online, no office visit needed). You can even get programs (apps) that will help you manage appointments and medications. Also access to health information is much easier when you can see it online:

Video Communication

Keeping in touch with our loved ones (and our friends!) is not only critical to our mental health, it’s good for everyone involved! And secure technology makes sure that conversations are private and safe. These communications programs can also be used for business purposes, like making appointments, or checking in with caregivers.

Entertainment and Communities

While we used to sit around a table playing board games, the online world has so much more to offer. Everything from group events with new friends, to meditating, to listening to music, to playing puzzles, reading a new book…it can all be done online!

Click here for more information about online senior communities.

Wrap Up

When it comes to technology, and possibly adding new tech to your life, think of the possibilities and of what you want to get from it. Deciding what you want and what technology fits your needs and desires best will make the decision to add it to your life much easier.

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