For most of the country, winter is the time when people feel stuck inside because it’s too cold to spend much time outside. And often when we think of winter activities we think of things like snowmobiling or downhill skiing; activities that are not always senior-friendly.

But who wants to sit at home and be bored, especially after the hustle and bustle of the holidays? We know people of all ages, including seniors are susceptible to post-holiday blues. We also know that keeping ourselves busy and mentally stimulated is one of the ways to combat post holiday stress.

3 Fun Categories of Winter Activities

Games, games and more games!

Long gone are the days of being limited to board games. Games like Scrabble, Monopoly and even group Bingo have their place, of course. But there is a new breed of games that include the following categories:

Physical activity – Nowadays, winter activities are not just limited to outdoor sports. Did you know that you can bowl, play golf or tennis and even baseball, indoors? Wii Sports let’s you have fun, fight boredom and stay in shape. You can play alone, against the computer or with your friends.

Mind Games – These might be classics like Dominoes, Chess, Checkers or Risk, but can also include new games, perhaps even incorporating some tech into the mix. Check out games (either physical or online) like these:

  • Sudoku
  • Mahjong
  • Words with Friends
  • Gin Rummy
  • Solitaire
  • Word Curls
  • Crossword

Party (Group) Games – These are fun games that can be played in a group setting, but they are not the games you grew up on. Some of them are “mature” (in content and language) and might challenge you to think differently. Many of these can even be played with just one or two other people:

  • Cards Against Humanity – Adult language; a quirkily offensive fill-in-the-blank game.
  • BRILLIANT OR BS? – Bluffing trivia game; can you make the others believe you?
  • One Gotta Go – This may not be tough for adults like us, but you never know! You have to decide between 4 random things which one you would eliminate (and then discuss why!).
  • Heads Up! – Charade based game; this can be played with only one other person and uses a smartphone, but is sure to make you laugh!

Art…and maybe some crafts

Much like games of the past, creating art or spending time crafting isn’t what it used to be. New techniques, tutorials (where you can learn how to do something over the internet) and technology (even if you aren’t a “techie”) have changed crafting, for the better!

Recent scientific studies indicate that participating in crafting or regularly creating art of some kind can actually reduce your risk of getting memory related problems by up to 50%! Anecdotally, it’s also said that crafting and creating art can help with depression, anxiety and even chronic pain. If those aren’t good enough reasons, perhaps you’ll try it just for the joy.

  • Beeswax Candle making (and other mason jar crafts) – Jar candles are not only fun and easy to make, they’re great gifts!
  • Rock Painting – This is actually gaining traction in the younger community for being a creative, fun and low materials creative activity.

Family Tree and genealogy work

Digging into your family history and heritage is one of the best winter activities in that it allows you to find out valuable information about your family and your family’s history, from the warmth and of comfort of your own home.

Ages ago, people used to have to travel far away to see if they could locate family records, but the internet has changed all of that for us. What better time to do some research on your family and leave a legacy to future generations! Here are some great sites to begin:

Too many families have lost important information about their heritage as elders pass. The younger generation wants to know, so don’t let your family history fall into obscurity. If you’re also interested in finding out your ethnicity and DNA makeup, read DNA Testing For Seniors – 7 Things to Know.

Wrap Up

We have so many wonderful options for winter activities these days; there really is no excuse for sitting at home doing nothing. As my grandmother used to say, “Only boring people are bored, chickadee. Get to making your own fun”.

~ ~ ~

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