The more you weigh, the higher your risk of diabetes. What you eat and your overall weight plays a key role in your risk level of contracting diabetes. And if you already have diabetes? Diet and exercise can help control blood sugar and weight levels.

A healthy diet and a good exercise regime can make the difference between your ‘livability’ and your ‘disability.’ Diabetes is a difficult disease to manage – but you can help your body maintain normal blood sugar levels by eating a healthy, balanced diet and following these great tips:

  • Choose snacks and foods that fit into the recommended food groups.
  • Enjoy exercise and physical activity to keep your weight in optimal ranges
  • Select fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains over empty calories and sugary snacks.
  • Avoid monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and decrease intake of saturated fats and trans fatty acids.
  • Limit alcoholic beverages to two drinks for men or one drink for women.
  • Get physical for at least 30 minutes a day!

Get a good meal plan going, follow recommendations for healthy foods and stay active to keep blood sugar levels exactly where they should be. You’ll live longer, feel better and have better control over your body and overall health.