Ways to Spend More Time With Your Senior Loved One

Doing activities together becomes more important than ever during your relative’s senior years. Spending time with elderly loved ones shows them you cherish your relationship. Do you need to find fun things to do with your elderly parents or activities for seniors with disabilities? What about ways to stay in touch with the seniors you love? This guide will offer five ideas.

1. Make Time Together a Tradition

When you want to spend more time with someone else, it helps to set specific days and times to meet. Turning those meetings into a habit makes it easy to keep in touch. Whether you see each other every week or every month, you and your loved one will always look forward to your next get-together.

2. Take a Class

If your relative can get out of the house, taking a class together gives you a fantastic opportunity to bond. Classes have set meeting times that help you set aside a moment to enjoy each other’s company. You can find courses on a variety of subjects, so look for something related to a mutual interest. A class also gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and express yourselves.

3. Get Creative With Arts and Crafts

Creative activities can happen in a classroom, at a community center or in your living room. Painting, drawing, coloring and other crafts let you tailor your activities to your loved one’s abilities. For example, you can help a relative with movement issues maintain their fine motor skills with clay. Arts and crafts can become as simple or detailed as needed to make them fun for everyone.

4. Connect With the Outdoors

When you have nice weather, going outside has a positive impact on your mood and well-being. You can also customize this activity to suit you and your loved one’s abilities. Your loved one can sit next to an open window or go onto the porch to experience fresh air with you. If your relative can leave their home, you can also take a walk or sit on a bench at a local park.

5. Discover Your Family History

Thanks to genetic technology and the internet, we have more opportunities to discover our lineages than ever. Learning about your family heritage can become a regular bonding activity. You can use modern technology to find your roots or look at old photo albums together. If your loved one has plenty of stories to tell, you can also create a family tree or album based on them.

Get Help From CareGivers of America

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