At CareGivers of America, you do not have to maintain the services of one of our caregivers for a specific period. That’s because we have no minimum hourly requirements to utilize the services of our qualified staff. But what does that mean for you?

What Are Minimum Hourly Requirements?

Many agencies that provide caregivers for the elderly require their clients to use their services for a minimum of four to six hours a day. However, because we do not have these minimum restrictions, you have more flexibility. You can have one of our caregivers at your home for as little as 30 minutes. But you can also utilize their services for 24 hours a day by requesting live-in care.

Benefits of Having No Minimums

Our goal is to provide you with the help you need when you need it. Maybe you want someone to check in on your mother to make sure she’s taking her pills. Or perhaps your elderly father requires someone to drive him to his appointment at the local hospital. Even if it’s something as simple as providing them with companionship, our caregivers are there to give assistance when it’s needed, no matter for how long or how short an amount of time.

Meeting the needs of our clients and being there to give respite is why we believe in no hourly minimums. This gives you the flexibility you need to form a schedule that fits into your lifestyle.

No hourly minimum also means you and your loved one only pay for the services of our caregivers when they’re required and necessary. This saves you both from paying for unneeded time. Caring for the wellbeing of our customers means considering their financial situation as well. In this way, we remain an affordable option for home care services while still providing high-quality care.

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