No matter what your current age, one thing we all have in common is that we are aging every day. And as our largest and most visible organ, it is often our skin, for women in particular, that can show the signs of aging the most.

Aging women and skin. In women, as we age, our estrogen levels drop and the production of oil in our skin decreases as well. The result is skin that can look and feel thinner, drier and even itchier.

Another consideration for women as they get older is the presence of varicose and/or “spider” veins on their skin, often on the legs. What causes these unsightly veins? Well, a combination of factors, including climate, genetics, age, gravity and even diet. Often, women who are on their feet a lot or who cross their legs for long periods of time are affected. It’s important, as always, to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight to help prevent the appearance of these veins.

When it comes to your skin, there are some factors that you can help control and help to work in your favor. Some tips in these areas would include:

  • Stop smoking cigarettes. In addition to the numerous cardiovascular and related risks that come with smoking, it is also known to be detrimental to your skin. Often, regular smokers look older than they really are as a direct result of the aging affects of cigarettes.
  • Drink, drink, drink. Water that is! The potential benefits of drinking lots of water all day long — and ditching the sugary sodas, the diet sodas and the heavy caffeine drinks — cannot be understated.
  • Protect yourself. When in the sun, be smart and be vigilant. Sunscreen protects your precious skin even when you aren’t outdoors. Too much sun can do a real number on your skin, from spots to wrinkles to premature aging.