Love to read? Have too many books? In some of our other articles, we’ve discussed how technology can have a beneficial impact on our lives. If you love reading and aren’t using an e-reader, then it’s about time you get familiar with them.

What is an E-Reader?

In a previous article, How Tech Can Change Your Life in 2022, we discussed some of the wonderful benefits that technology can bring into our lives. Since it’s never too late to learn a new skill, especially on that will bring us joy, let’s dive into what e-readers are.

An e-reader is a device where you can download, buy and read your favorite books online. You’ll need the device itself, unless you plan on reading on a computer which can be quite cumbersome.

The devices are generally about the size of a tablet, or approximately 8” to 13” across. As is common with technology, they have adapted over the years, especially for seniors and have larger easier to read screens than ever before.

Why do I want an E-reader?

To begin with, e-readers are fantastic in the sense of saving space! In this day and age of downsizing and skyrocketing housing costs, many of us do not have the space to store all the books we want to have on hand.

In addition, many of them now come with options to adjust the font and size, to make your favorite books even easier to read. Most seniors say they do miss the feeling of ‘turning pages”, but the convenience (and space-saving) has begun to outweigh this complaint.

Many e-readers also come with the option for audio-books, which is wonderful for when you’re resting your eyes! Remember, once you buy your device, you’ll need to purchase the books/audiobooks you want to read.

What are the best E-Readers for seniors?

E-readers can range in price from about $90 and up, of course, the ones with more bells and whistles are more expensive. Here is a list of some of the great e-readers out there:

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof and with adjustable warm/soft-light setting, it’s easy on the eyes. Multi-language options.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet – This tablet also has access to some of you favorite apps, in addition to being an e-reader.
  • Kobo Nia – This has an excellent battery life, is more economical and also allows you to “borrow” books from your local library. You do have the options of purchasing books like with the other models, but the borrow functionality is fabulous!
  • Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 – This is a well priced e-reader that has easy grip functions and better buttons for senior hands.

Wrap Up

One of the best things you can do when considering getting an e-reader is to go to a local electronics store and pick them up; hold the different models in your hands. Or better yet, get recommendations from your friends. They can all have a different feel, weight and ergonomic set up.

Once you’ve decided, the next decision is to read an old favorite or to have a new (book) adventure!

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