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Living At Home With Dementia

At the onset of dementia, an elderly person will probably be able to manage on his or her own without too much intervention. However, it is worth considering the support that is available as this is a good time to plan where more help is likely to be required in the future.

Many elderly people with early dementia are concerned about becoming a burden on their loved ones. While family members will want to be there for you, you may want to take advantage of our dementia home care services so that you can have additional help and support around the house.

Safety first. There is a need to consider issues around safety and security for an elderly person with dementia. It is wise to seek advice from an occupational therapist through your doctor. They can suggest how to make things safe around the home. Installing rails and ramps or providing a new heating system may be worth considering.

Put it in writing. Keep information in writing at prominent locations, for example, keep a list of emergency telephone numbers by your telephone and write appointments in a diary or calendar. Consider setting up a bank account with a family member so that they can help you manage your finances or set up a legal power of attorney to allow someone to manage your legal affairs when you become unable to do so.

Take advantage of technology. You can also make use of assistive technology, such as tracking devices to help locate you if you get lost or devices that help you get home when you are out. If you live alone, you may want to make use of home care packages that monitor your movements in the home and helps detect if you fall or need help. Systems can be used to automate putting on the light in a room if you need it at night.



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