End-of-Life Decisions

7 Ways That Spirituality Can Be Meaningful for Older Adults

Spirituality is a fundamental aspect of human existence and can play a significant role in the lives of older adults. As individuals age, they can experience various challenges, including declining health, loss of loved ones, [...]

5 Tips to Declutter Your Home

"Treasure your relationships, not your possessions". ~ Anthony D'Angelo Clutter is all around us. In our homes, our cars, on our computers! It becomes especially challenging as we age, as we have accumulated physical possessions [...]

5 Advantages of Having Home Care

Determining when to have home care doesn't have to be a difficult decision. Home care is a blessing to those who want to remain independent and in their own homes as they age. In fact, [...]

3 Concepts To Understand About Comfort Care

Many of us had never heard of the term "comfort care" until 2018, when Former First Lady Barbara Bush shone a light on the term and some of the meanings. Suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary [...]

3 Recommendations on How to Keep a Personal Health Record

No matter our age, if we haven't kept a personal health record in the past, trying to start one can feel daunting. What should be in it? How do we ever begin? Most critically, why [...]

Downsizing – 12 Important Tips

Often times when people think of downsizing, we think of things like "tiny homes" or empty nesters who are left with a large home after their children leave. Other than consistently living in a sustainable [...]

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