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7 Real Benefits of Home Care

When entering a certain age, or more often for caring for elderly parents, there always seems to be a question of where is the best place for them to live in their later years? Many factors go into this decision. Home care is a wonderful, affordable option that might just answer that question.

What is Home Care?

Home care is also known as in-home care. This occurs when a professional (or more than one) is brought into the home to help the senior age-in-place. This allows the senior to continue to live in their home, the place in which they are familiar and comfortable.

7 Real Benefits of Home Care

Familiarity and Comfort

If offered the option, most of us would choose to stay in our homes, where we know where things are, we’ve got our favorite chair and our pets are comfortable. Routines and stability in the environment can offer not only physical comfort, but emotional comfort as well.

For anyone, moving to a new home is stressful, but more so for seniors. It’s a big adjustment and if not medically necessary, then home care can provide the familiarity and comfort needed.


When a caregiver is brought into the home, the individual can retain the flexibility of their routine and yet have the assistance around the home that they need. Caregiver schedules can be customized so that certain tasks like light housekeeping are done or that medical or social events can be attended.

Independence and Socialization

As we grow older, one of the things we hate to lose is our independence. No one wishes to become a burden on those around us and as the same time, it’s fair to say that we all want to continue living our lives the way we choose to. Having home care provide services inside the home means that assistance is provided, but this doesn’t necessarily mean dependence.

On the occasion that the individual is home-bound, home care can also provide an important social connection. Often, patient and caregiver develop strong relationships that are critical to the mental health of the patient.

Safe Transport

Perhaps your loved one is quite independent and yet not that comfortable behind the wheel anymore. Having a regular caregiver who provides support in basic home activities and is able to drive your loved one to the market or to appointments provides assurance that they will arrive safely.

Peace of Mind and Family Support

When family members may be spread all over the country, home care can provide a wonderful support system and bring peace of mind to those who are not geographically close. Have a look here at an article from AgingCare to see more family benefits of having a home care professional in the home.

Safe Environment

Bringing a home care professional into the home can also help in the overall picture of assessing the safety of the home. The homes we live in as we age may need modifications, such as ramps or safety bars installed in the shower. Even something as simple as making sure pathways through rooms are cleared of obstacles to prevent fall risks can be taken care of by in home care.


When compared to costs of assisted living or nursing homes, the cost of home care is often lower. The options of having live-in care or flexible schedule care provide even more financial benefits.

Wrap up

If looking at home care options, the more research you can do, the better. There is nothing better than having the peace of mind that you’ve got skilled professionals coming into the home who will look after your loved one in the way that you would.

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