If you are over 50, remaining physically active is important for many reasons.

When it comes to leading an active lifestyle, there are many potential benefits. Did you know that….:

  • Helping to maintain a healthy body, boost your energy levels and keep your independence as you get older.
  • For some elderly people, exercise can help to alleviate pain and illness symptoms.
  • Doing some exercise each day can help you feel younger.
  • Getting out and about with exercise can also be good for your body, soul and mind.
  • Even if it has been some time since you have been active or you want to remain active, you should try to do some exercise each day.

How to get started on an exercise program?

  • Begin with a regular routine of exercise. Try to do a little each day. If you have been ill or have some health issues, it is easy to feel disinterested, especially if you feel down or if you are concerned about injuring yourself.
  • Be realistic about your abilities. If you have not done much exercise, then do not rush into walking for miles. Try to walk a short distance for a few days before building up to longer distances. This helps work up your stamina. You could also go walking around your home or garden. If you love being outdoors, you could do some gardening or walking a dog.
  • Get familiar with what exercise is best (or worst) for what parts of your body and mind. Lack of exercise can mean that you lose your muscle tone and bone density. Doing some light exercise from stretching or bending and supporting yourself against a chair or table can help built up your muscle tone. Perhaps you are not thinking about weightlifting, but doing arm movements with even a can of beans in your hand can help build muscle strength. Squeeze on a sponge to improve your grip. If you enjoy swimming, this can be a great way to exercise without putting too much strain on your muscles or joints. Swimming can also help if you are slightly overweight too.

Even if you are housebound, you can find ways to move your body to keep active from carrying out housework to carrying out simple stretching and bending exercises can help you to remain healthy.