Some dietary fats can have health benefits, but trans fats are defintely not one of them.

The best recommendation by most (if not all) dietary experts? Avoid trans fats completely!

Where can you find these unfriendly fats?

  • Margarine is loaded with trans fats. Choose soft-tub margarine that clearly states a low trans fat level per tablespoon. (Or better yet, skip the margerine altogether.)
  • Packaged cake mixes contain several grams of trans fats per serving. Baking your own cake using natural ingredients is far healthier, cheaper – and truthfully, just as fast.
  • Soup cups and noodles like Ramen can make for a fast and inexpensive meal, but they have very high levels of trans fats. Opt for fat-free or reduced-fat canned soups instead. Or, better yet, throw your own veggies and noodles into a tomato-based broth and season as you wish.