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6 Reasons You May Want Estate Liquidation and Dispersal Services

Estate liquidation and dispersal services? What are they and why might they be an advantage for you or your loved one?

What is estate liquidation and dispersal?

According to, “An estate liquidator is someone who professionally appraises, prices, and sells off an estate’s entire contents for the most money possible.”

This means that if you or a loved one is downsizing or moving (perhaps into an independent or assisted living community), there are companies that provide services that will help you liquidate (sell or disperse of) all belongings that are no longer needed and ready a property to be sold.

TrueLegacyHomes says, “Much of the time, a loved one has passed away, and family members are selling the person’s possessions so a real estate agent can list the home. Will or trust protocols may also dictate that the person’s possessions are sold. Estate liquidation sales are a cost-effective way to sell the entire contents of a loved one’s estate. Bankruptcy, divorce resolution, and job relocation requirements are other factors behind an estate sale. In other instances, the homeowner may be retiring, moving away, or entering an assisted living facility. Or, they may simply be downsizing to a smaller house with fewer maintenance needs.

Why Hire an Estate Liquidator?
Estate sales are much harder to host than garage sales. Clients contact estate liquidators for varied reasons, but the biggest reason is because of the liquidator’s expertise. Estate liquidators have the industry knowledge to manage this complex sale. Estate sale liquidators have the connections to appraise a diverse collection of items. The liquidator displays them throughout the house to intrigue shoppers’ interest and stimulate them to make a purchase.

To provide good customer service, the liquidator lines up additional sales associates, and may recruit security guards if the sale contains especially valuable items. The liquidator advertises the sale in varied media, and often reaches a multitude of shoppers from their professional networks. This enables them to sell a large volume of items very quickly.

During the sale, the liquidator addresses all issues that may arise. After the sale concludes, they arrange for pick up of large paid-for items, and may ship other items to the purchasers. Finally, the liquidator ensures that all unsold items are removed from the home.”

Read their full, helpful article by clicking TrueLegacyHomes.

Reasons to consider using a liquidation and dispersal service:

  • You live long distance from your loved one
  • The property or home is large, or there are many belongings
  • A liquidator has the expertise to know the best prices and the skill to advertise to the market of buyers that will fetch the most money for the items
  • Your life is busy and you may not have time to manage all aspects of supporting your loved one’s move
  • Perhaps you’re looking for yourself and know that you can’t do it alone
  • Many services and agencies work directly with realtors in the area to help move to the next stage, which is selling the home

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When should I consider a liquidation service?

Liquidation and dispersal services can be used when an individual or couple is moving into a smaller abode, such as an assisted living community. Once personal items have been gone through for sentimental value and it’s been decided which items will move to the new home, these services can help wrap up the loose ends.

The other time to consider using these helpful services is after a loved one has passed and the estate must be liquidated. Sometimes, based on what the will of the individual dictates, all items must be sold and liquidators can help make that happen.

Wrap Up

Whether it’s planning ahead or managing the estate of your loved one who has passed, liquidators and dispersal services are often the most skilled at getting the best value for the belongings. For more details on liquidation, have a look at What Does an Estate Liquidator Do?

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