We hear it over and over. Walking is good for you. Most of us “walk”, so we should all be getting some kind of benefit right? There are however, some parameters that allow us to get the full benefits of walking. What are those benefit and how do we get them?

11 marvelous benefits of walking

According to BetterHealth, walking can:

  • Strengthen your muscles.
  • Help keep your weight steady.
  • Lower your risk of heart diseasestrokecolon cancer and diabetes.
  • Strengthen your bones, and prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis (regular walking could halve the number of people over 45 who fracture their hip).
  • Help reduce blood pressure in some people with hypertension.
  • Improve your balance and coordination, and decrease your likelihood of falling.
  • Keep your joints flexible.
  • Increase your confidence and mood, and help you feel better all round.
  • Improve your energy levels and increase your stamina.
  • Reduce anxiety or depression.
  • Improve your social life – walking is a great way to get out and meet people or socialize with your friends.

How much walking do I need to do to reap the full benefits?

Most health professionals recommend 30-60 minutes of moderate activity per day, including walking for adults over the age of 65. The best plan if you’re starting from zero, is to start slowly. Begin with walks around the block, pacing yourself and taking breaks when you need to.

Once you’ve established a bit of stamina with it, increase the time that you walk from 5 to 10, then 10 to 15. The goal would be to have the complete 30 minutes all together, for best cardio benefit. But taking your time and working your way up to longer sessions will get you to the goal in time.

*Be sure to speak with your doctors before changing or adding any new exercise routine, regardless of if you have mobility, balance or any health issues or not.

Wrap Up

If you’re able, walking gives us so many great health benefits. With summer coming, get your steps in and get the full physical and mental health rewards. Remember, you don’t even have to walk the full amount of time all at once. Break it into smaller walks throughout the day and evening.

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