No matter where you live in the U.S., autumn is often the season with the most pleasant weather. Not too hot or too cold for outdoor activities, fall is the season that’s “just right” to get outside, get some sunlight.

With winter right around the corner, many of us can get stuck inside when the bad weather hits. In most regions of the U.S., the winter weather can provide too many inclement days, not to mention slip and fall risks to safely exercise or be active outside.

7 Enjoyable outdoor activities for anyone to do this fall

Regardless of physical ability, we all should be getting outside safely and enjoying the fresh air and Vitamin D. The below activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages and most of them don’t require any special skills.

These activities can also be done with friends, family, grandkids or caregivers…they’re always more enjoyable with good company!

Birdwatching or listening to birdsong

One of the most peaceful and yet compelling activities is birdwatching. Learning which birds are local to the region in which you live, hearing their songs and seeing how they interact with the wildlife around them is fascinating. Even just listening to the different kinds of birds singing in the trees is so calm and relaxing that you’ll hear birdsong in the background of most morning meditation tracks!

Reading or listening to audiobooks

In the fall, there isn’t much better for people who consider themselves “readers’, to sit outside (perhaps in a sweater or in a little patch of sunlight) reading a good book. The fresh air on your face and pumping through your lungs while you go on a literary adventure, can’t be beat!

For those who listen to audiobooks, the benefits of sun and fresh air are for you too! In fact, some audio book listeners say that closing their eyes while enjoying sunlight and fresh air only enhances the experience of hearing their favorite books.


Gardening is one of those activities that almost anyone can do. Whether it be a traditional garden in the backyard, greenhouse gardening or even apartment patio herb gardens, getting your hands in the dirt is rejuvenating in so many ways.

Outdoor theater or concerts

Summer may seem like the time to hit up outdoor concerts, but the weather in the fall is so much more amenable to enjoyment. It doesn’t matter if you love jazz, community theater or folk music, guaranteed there is an outdoor venue or activity that you’ll love. Consult your local community of outdoor events for activities near you.

Farmer’s Markets, craft shows or flea markets

Strolling or rolling through outdoor craft shows or Farmer’s Markets can be loads of fun! There are often stalls where you can try new foods, get craft ideas or buy gifts.


We all know that one fella (or gal) who loves golf. The competition, the skill, the camaraderie. But that isn’t all there is to golfing. Getting outside and walking (or riding) in all that greenery and learning a new hobby is also exciting. One of the best things about golf is that your biggest competition is yourself! It’s a good way to slowly and incrementally improve, all while enjoying nature.


Being a “tourist in your own town” is one of the best ways to see the area in which you live with new eyes. If you’ve ever hosted an out of town visitor, you know what this means ~ think like a tourist! Check out your local attractions, whether it be a butterfly garden, local monuments or statues or a driving tour of historical buildings.

Safety Tips

Even though the temperatures in the coming months are lower than they were in the summer, be sure to:

  • Stay hydrated – drink just as much water as you did in the summer months
  • Wear sunscreen – the sun isn’t less potent even though the temperature is lower
  • Remember the bug spray – bugs don’t take a vacation

Wrap Up

We know that Vitamin D is good for us and it’s a little in short supply in the winter months. It’s time to get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities while the weather is pleasant and fresh!

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